3 Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall with Ashley Carpenter: Joyfully Growing

Hi everyone! I’m Ashley and I blog about home decor, DIY projects, and all my favorites over at Joyfully Growing Blog. I’m so happy to be sharing my top 3 tips on creating a gallery wall with you today! (Plus a free printable at the end of this post!) I’m honored that Ashleigh asked me to guest post on her blog – she is the real deal! Such a great friend and her style is one of my favorites.

Alright, let’s get into the tips!

  1. Choose your layout

This might seem a little obvious, but I have found that this can be the most challenging part of creating a gallery wall. I think a lot of people really over-think this step. So my tip here is to decide between one of two layout options: 1) surrounding a mid-line or 2) a contained space. I found this illustration from the book, Home Decor Cheat Sheets by Jessica Probus very helpful when coming up with my own layout.

3 Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

2. Mix It Up

Mixing up the size, colors, and textures of art in your gallery wall can really add interest to the space. Try choosing frames that go well together without having to be exactly the same. You can even choose art that isn’t framed at all, or that is a stand alone piece like canvases, clocks, and mirrors. The key here is to choose pieces of interest that are cohesive when grouped together.

3. Choose pieces that bring you joy

If your gallery does not bring you joy every time you see it, you’re missing the point. I believe that decorating your home should not only be fun, but it should reflect a piece of who you are. Gallery walls are the perfect way to showcase photographs of happy moments from the past, or pieces of art that give you inspiration. They are a simple way to put on display the things or people that you love. Most of all, your gallery wall is for you. It is something that you are going to see every time you walk by, and my hope is that it makes you smile when you do.


I love taking a simple quote or saying and turning it into art by framing it! It is such a simple (and free!) way to decorate! I did just that with the 1 Corinthians printable above. Want to snag one for yourself? You can get your free download HERE!

If printables are your jam, I’d love to invite you to get instant access to my FREE Printables Library, available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers!

Thanks so much Ashleigh for letting me hang out with all of you today! You can find all of my decorating tips and favorite DIY projects over on my blog, stop by anytime and say hi! I’d love to “meet” you! Be sure to find me over on Instagram, my absolute favorite place to connect! 🙂

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