Something About Ashleigh is am interior design blog that features everything from tips and tricks to project reveals! I myself am an Interior Designer by trade, based in Cleveland, Ohio. I love watching all the other women out there on social media and blogs also trying to figure out this media world that is constantly changing!

One thing I have noticed over time is that Ashleigh, Ashley, Ashlei, Ashlee or however you spell it, is not only an AWESOME name but we seem to be one creative bunch! The lifestyle, fashion and design influencers that share this name is astounding and I for one LOVE it!

Most of us are 80’s babies (that is when the name peaked in popularity) when fashion was interesting, dancing was always welcomed and we were encouraged to dream big! Not every Ashley that will be a guest writer or I interview will be born in the 80’s and that is okay! They will still ROCK, I promise!

You will come to know my boys, Cole and Evan, as well as my husband Brian throughout this wonderful journey. I hope you enjoy the designs and tips I share with you as well as all the information you will gain from the beautiful Ashleys around the world!


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