My 5 New Years Resolutions

New year new you? I wouldn’t take it that far, but I do love the feeling of a fresh start. Something about the calendar reading 1/1/XXXX makes me feel like I can achieve more than last year. I am not one to share my resolutions but this year I really took the time and thought about what I want to achieve and here they are…


Social Media

I launched this blog a year ago and like many bloggers, I went strong the first half of the year and then life happened. My family moved into a new home which we are renovating, sold our 1st home we ever purchased, work became incredibly fast paced, my boys grew over night and I am now eye-to-eye with my oldest and we spent time with our loved ones in the midst of traveling quite a bit. With that being said, I plan to spend more time here, connecting with my thoughts, finding inspiration and meeting new people through this blog. I still plan to have guest writers and share my recent installations, but I also want to share more. More products, more favorites, more fun and more inspiration!



Everyone usually has some sort of health resolution and I am no different! I began Whole30 again this month. I do modify this a bit as I am a vegetarian and cannot give up my hummus! I would love to embark on a more active lifestyle as well. Adventures are being plan as I type to make this a fun resolution!



No matter how organized I am, I feel like I can do more. While we are in the middle of renovating our home, I have been planning ways to make my home more organized room by room. I am also using my planning apps more to organize my social media and work life. Any suggestions are welcome here!

16 #1612 Winton Place


I am blessed to be one of the few that can say I actually love what I do. With that being said, I am hoping to vamp it up this year! I have set goals for each month that I want to achieve. Hopefully this time next year I can report back that I followed through with all of them!



This is something I often struggle with. I could lump this into organization, but I feel it is too important to not make it a separate resolution. So many things need to happen in order for me to find more time. My goal is to use this “extra” time with my family and bettering myself. Scheduling my calendar with a healthy balance of work and life is the first task I would like to learn how to achieve. Speaking of achieve, that is my word of the year!

What are some of your resolutions? Suggestions? Insight? I look forward to hearing about them, putting my action plan into place and sharing more posts to inspire all of you!


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