Hunting Hollow Master Bath Reveal

Whats better then a room reveal? A room reveal with before and afters!

I feel like its the year of bathroom remodels and this one is a great example of how a great floor plan can really enhance your space. Before the space had a tiny shower that was only meant to fit my eight year old in it, now the space is the perfect size and we even fit a floating bench inside!

On the opposite side of the spectrum from the tiny shower comes a HUGE waste of space with the tub. An area to sit down and get ready in the mornings was very important to my client, so we did some rearranging and gave them a great vanity area.

As most of us know, gray and white are very popular, and to make this bathroom stand out from others, the tile design was extremely important. We ended up using 8 different tiles, many of them are porcelain that looks like marble.

Check out some more b&a’s below!

I hope you enjoyed this reveal, until next week!


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10 Best Tips to Style Your Home

Choosing the best pieces to style your home to create that final layer can be a timely task but one of the most important! Below are my 10 favorite tips that I use when styling a project!

1. Artwork:



Artwork can be a very personal item that is selected for a home. One mistake that is often made is hanging artwork too high. My rule is to hang artwork at eye level or 57″ off of the ground.

2. Baskets:


I love baskets. I often place large baskets throughout a home to store throws in and smaller ones to serve as an attractive “catch-all”.

3. Groupings

ashleighrr-825 #1612 winton place

Everyone has heard of the “Rule of Three”, which is a good rule to know, but I love to use groupings more then anything. Grouping are a great way to show off a collection of unique items. Pay attention to height and scale when grouping. Varying heights add interest.

4. Books:

23 #1612 winton placeimg_5509

Books may be the best accessory of all. They add color, interest and height. You can stack vertically, horizontally, or place a vessel or candle on top for a layered look. Speaking of layering:

5. Layering:


Layering is a trick that many designers use to create a curated look. Using different heights and colors of art, accessories and even pillows is a great way to achieve the layered look.

6. Rugs:

16 #1612 winton place01 19500 frazier dr. rocky river, oh.

Rugs can add texture, pattern and color to any space. When purchasing rugs for a seating area, try not to “float” the rug, purchase a rug large enough to cover at least the front legs of your furniture.

7. Necessities:

ashleighrr-5ashleighrr-709 430 darby's run bay village, oh.

We all have to live in our homes so when styling your home, remember to style the necessities as well! This included, soaps, lotions, produce, oils, spices and pet food dishes!

8. Flowers/Plants:


I have had a blog posts on this topic and feel passionate about how much flowers or plants can transform a space. See How to Incorporate Flowers in Design and Plants in Design by Ashley Moyer .


9. Trays:


Everything looks better in a tray! You can place a tray on your counters, ottomans, beds, tables and bars.

10. Pillows:


Pillows can add color and texture to any piece of upholstery or bed. Use different shapes and don’t forget to karate chop those square pillows!

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 tips for accessorizing your home. If you are like many others out there and feel this still seems like a daunting task, give me a call and we can set up a consultation (near or far)!


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Briarwood Reveal

This week I completed phase one at the Briarwood Project. During this refresh, I took a dark, early 2000’s home and gave it a fresh and airy feel. The palette of purples, blues, soft greens and a touch of pink, definitely gave it a feminine flair.


A coat of periwinkle paint, an updated bench and some fun geometric mirrors made this entry way feel brighter and more inviting.


The Dining Room had great bones to work with. I kept the wainscoting and gave it a fresh coat of paint as well as keeping the table and drapery rods. This wallpaper may be my favorite addition to this project!


Ahhhhh, perhaps my favorite area of the home! I would love to work in this space. By removing the dark feature wall and painting a soft green, this office instantly becomes a bright and cheerful space!


Paint. I think that summarizes this space. Paint. Look at what the right colors on the cabinets did to this space!

I also add a quartz counter top, new backsplash and cabinet hardware, but can you believe these are the same cabinets?

Check out some more before and afters below:


Foyer Hall


Bar off of the Breakfast Room


Family Room

I hope you enjoyed the reveal of this home! I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments about this project.


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Garden Inspired Remodel

I am so excited to reveal this weeks home! I began this project last year for my client who is a Master Gardner. Below is a list of her requests from our first meeting:

  • Add more light
  • Add more storage and organization
  • Open the space up
  • Add a functional space for laundry, mud hall and gardening
  • More counter space
  • French inspired


The first step in checking off  the list was to change the floor plan. By removing the wall between the kitchen and family room we were able to open up the space, add more storage/organization as well as more counter space.


The first design decision that was made was the island. I found this old french drapers table at market a few years ago and I knew I wanted to replicate it. We needed the space to be usable, beautiful and to look old. By designing the island with cabinetry, we were able to house the dishwasher, sink, trash, drawers and even left some open space at the ends to showcase some of her beautiful jars and vases.

Lighting was key. This space before was dark and needed to let some light in! We added skylights, recessed lighting, pendant lighting, under cabinet lighting as well as some accent lighting inside certain cabinets. I also had Woodworks Design , the contractor and cabinet makers of this project, create some stunning finishes that felt old, yet light.

Organization was lacking from the old space so we made a spot for everything!.


All of the windows overlook the beautiful gardens my client has created which meant inspiration was everywhere! Hand carved wooden bees were added to the cabinetry,


I had a local blacksmith make an iron railing with hooks to hold the watering cans,


and garden inspired tiles were made for the fireplace.


Even the kitties fell in love with the new space!


I hope you enjoyed this reveal and I look forward to sharing the next one!


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Photo Credit: Caitlin Antje




Favorite Lamp Line Up

This week I wanted to share with you some of my favorite lamps at the moment (this list is ever changing):


1- Jules Table Lamp by Currey & Company

2- Ms. Poodle Table Lamp by Currey & Company

3- Sailor’s Knot Floor Lamp by Dunes and Duchess

4- Clover Lamp by Jana Bek

5- Mini Blue Scribble Lamp by Jana Bek

6- Lindsay Table Lamp by Meg Caswell Style for Couture Lamps

Please share your thoughts and some of your favorites as well!


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Kitchen and Bath Trends

This past January I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Orlando for KBIS, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. I love taking the time to go to these shows to see what the up and coming trends will be. I am beyond excited to start implementing some of the products I found at KBIS in my future projects.

Mixing finishes is something I have been a fan of for a very long time. For those of you who think everything has to be brushed nickel throughout your entire home, get ready to mix it up! I adore this kitchen from True that mixes flat black and copper.


KBIS did not disappointment in the crayola department. Not only was there color everywhere, there was bold, fun and playful colors that literally make you smile just by looking at them. For those of you who know me, you know I am not one to shy away from color and I instantly fell in love with this tiffany blue hood from Vent-A- Hood.


This may seem like I am contradicting everything I just said, but I was so excited to see white appliances. This matte white range from Bertazzoni is stunning and I can imagine it in so many different settings.


LED lighting just keeps getting better! Take this vanity and sink from Kohler for example. This grabbed my attention immediately and I already have plans for this beauty. This collection also has a tub that lights up!


Built In Refrigeration has been around for sometime, yet only a few manufacturers where able to give you the true built in look, until now. Take this refrigerator from Thermador for example, rather then leaving the refrigerator stainless or using a panel to match the cabinetry, they literally used art as the panels. When closed it is breathtaking. To top it off, you just need to tap the door for it to automatically open!

I hope you are inspired by the top trends from KBIS. Would you incorporate any of these into your home? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!


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Guest Blogger: Ashley Burns

This weeks post is with Ashley Burns, an amazing photographer from LA and she is my first interviewee. I am having so much fun meeting Ashley/Ashleigh’s from all over the world and learning from them. Ashley Burns is funny and talented, total package! I hope you enjoy her Q&A below, comment and ask questions and I will be sure to get you all of her answers! Don’t forget to check her page out on Instagram @ashleyburns_


You started your business seven years ago, can you recall the moment you realized that your company started to take off?
When I would wake up everyday with a place to be or a to-do list. I remember being so excited if I had five shoots in a month the first couple of years, and now I work 6-7 days a week and that hasn’t skipped a beat in about 3.5 years. When I first started my business, I was a full time student and also working a restaurant job, all while hustling my photography business on the side. It wasn’t until I made my photography business my full time focus that things really started to take off. The biggest blessing was following my gut and taking the risk to build my business. So while yes, I never finished college, I was able to build a business that put me ahead, and more importantly makes me happy!
What would be the most important advice you could give to all of the readers on starting their own company? What do you think is the hardest part?
The most important advice I would give readers on starting their own business or company is practice patience, resilience, and the power of yes AND no. As cliche as it sounds, success doesn’t happen overnight and I think it’s important for people to grasp that and give 100% of themselves into their work, despite the initial reaction or outcome. Trial and error is what molds and shapes you into being a better business owner and making better decisions. Learning when to say “yes” and “no” is also really important. Say “yes” to opportunities that could benefit your business’ growth and get your name out there, but say “no” to anything that would result in compromising the values of your business. I think it’s also important not to compare yourself to other people in your field, or try to implement their brand into your own. Everyone is on their own timeline and journey, and there is room for everyone. Find your niche and live for your brand. Don’t live for what someone else has built.
The best, but hardest part about owning a business is that you are responsible for every decision and everything that happens within your business. It’s a juggling act and can be very stressful at times. In a personal sense and in the field of work I am in, I have missed holidays, birthdays, and milestones because of my job. There’s no such thing as ‘the weekend’. You definitely sacrifice your time, and sometimes memories, to create and document them for other people.
Photo Jan 12, 2 13 45 PM

Photo Cred: Jose Villa and Annie Leibovitz

If you could collaborate with any other photographer in the world, who would it be and why?
Oooh! Great question. There are so many photographer’s I love and admire. I would love to learn and shoot alongside Jose Villa or Annie Leibovitz. Jose Villa’s aesthetic is so magical and he’s really built such an incredible name for himself in the wedding industry. Annie Leibovitz is an obvious one, but she’s the queen and an absolute visionary. She’s unparalleled, and I aspire to leave that kind of mark. 
You love home decor, how do you incorporate your photos into your decor?
I don’t just love home decor, some may say I have an unhealthy obsession with it. Ha! Photos are EVERYWHERE in my house, to the point where I have to strategically place a mirror or art piece, otherwise I might start looking like Bucca Di Beppo if I don’t. I love a good gallery wall intermixed with sentimental pieces – I have three gallery walls in my house, all with different meanings. I also think a framed image can really complete a table.
 Balancing life and work is something that we all seem to struggle with, what do you and Brian do to make this work?
I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as finding the perfect life/work balance because I’ve strived to search for it for years, and I am yet to find that middle ground. So, I’m with the majority here. To me, I just do the best that I can, and I know Brian would say the same. We steal a night away for dinner or a movie every week, sometimes both, or we plan in advance to take vacations. Our schedules are insane, so if we have something to look forward to that is undivided and just about us, it allows us not to feel so bad in the moment when work is crazy. It’s important to take time away from the normal day to day to reconnect and be like, “Hey, I still really like you.” Just make time, even if it’s five minutes or five hours. 
Best tip on photographing interiors and people?
Good light. ALWAYS. GOOD. NATURAL. LIGHT. And a gorgeous space, obviously.
What was your most memorable photo shoot?
I have so many, but my absolute most memorable was probably my styled shoot last summer in a gorgeous loft space in Downtown Los Angeles. I planned the entire shoot from conception to execution and  it was so much fun to see everything come together. The vision turned out even greater than I ever imagined, and I have all the vendors on that project to thank for that! 
You love to organize, do you have any tips you could share with us on organizing our homes?
I’m a purger. Clutter gives me anxiety, so knowing things are in their proper bins and on their respective shelves gives me joy. I don’t hold on to things that I haven’t looked at or worn within a certain time span. That is how things accumulate and you create a larger pile of things than necessary. Purging is so important and also makes you FEEL good. Buying a label maker changed my life, too. I label everything from my pantry to my office supplies. In my closet specifically, I follow ROYGBV for both clothing and shoes which has been a time saver when getting ready in the morning. It cuts time in half when you don’t have too dig too hard for that shirt or pair of flats. 
What is your dream photo shoot?
A gorgeous couple with great chemistry, some beautiful light, and a killer dress. Sign me up.
If you could come up with a slogan for your life, what would it be and why?
OMG, this is my Bravo Housewives moment… “Apologies for the delayed response, I was busy making shit happen”
Photo Jan 12, 2 39 50 PM
If and when you come to Cleveland, we need to go have a great cup of coffee together!
Ummm yes, coffee drinking snob over here! I’m there. And if you come to LA, I’ll show you a matcha latte done right.
I hope you enjoyed this interview with Ashley Burns! Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram and Facebook to see some more Q&A’s with her!


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