Garden Inspired Remodel

I am so excited to reveal this weeks home! I began this project last year for my client who is a Master Gardner. Below is a list of her requests from our first meeting:

  • Add more light
  • Add more storage and organization
  • Open the space up
  • Add a functional space for laundry, mud hall and gardening
  • More counter space
  • French inspired


The first step in checking off  the list was to change the floor plan. By removing the wall between the kitchen and family room we were able to open up the space, add more storage/organization as well as more counter space.


The first design decision that was made was the island. I found this old french drapers table at market a few years ago and I knew I wanted to replicate it. We needed the space to be usable, beautiful and to look old. By designing the island with cabinetry, we were able to house the dishwasher, sink, trash, drawers and even left some open space at the ends to showcase some of her beautiful jars and vases.

Lighting was key. This space before was dark and needed to let some light in! We added skylights, recessed lighting, pendant lighting, under cabinet lighting as well as some accent lighting inside certain cabinets. I also had Woodworks Design , the contractor and cabinet makers of this project, create some stunning finishes that felt old, yet light.

Organization was lacking from the old space so we made a spot for everything!.


All of the windows overlook the beautiful gardens my client has created which meant inspiration was everywhere! Hand carved wooden bees were added to the cabinetry,


I had a local blacksmith make an iron railing with hooks to hold the watering cans,


and garden inspired tiles were made for the fireplace.


Even the kitties fell in love with the new space!


I hope you enjoyed this reveal and I look forward to sharing the next one!


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Photo Credit: Caitlin Antje




Guest Blogger: Ashley Petrone

You guys!!!! It’s that time! I am beyond excited to introduce my first guest blogger. Between her parenting, eye for design, personality, lifestyle and fashion sense, she is an inspiration in more ways then one. I hope you enjoy her post below, comment and ask questions and I will be sure to get you all of her answers! Don’t forget to check her page out on Instagram @arrowsandbow.


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Ashley Petrone Arrows and Bow Photo 7

It’s funny how one decision can completely change your life. One week I’m a stay at home homeschool mom in a beautiful 5 bedroom house, fast forward a few months and pouf, I’m living in an RV with my husband and 3 kids.

Ashley Petrone Arrows and Bow Photo 1
After deciding to sell our home and buy land, we had a few options of what we could do while we were building a house. Rent an apartment and pay more than our mortgage was… or go on an adventure and live in an RV on our land. It actually wasn’t a hard decision for us to make. Both my husband and I knew this was the right path for our family, we are both spontaneous and risk takers, and with little to lose, this just made sense to us.

Ashley Petrone Arrows and Bow Photo 2

It was kinda funny how we picked out our RV. We went to a local used car lot and walked through a few options. I knew what I was looking for in that I wanted something old so I could rip it out, but still functioning. When we saw the 3 bunk beds stacked in the back of our RV, we knew it was the one for us. Thinking it was the only RV ever created with triple bunks. What can I say, we were amateurs back then.

Ashley Petrone Arrows and Bow Photo 3
It took us 3 weeks to design, gut, and move into our little home on wheels. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to do inside. Rip out everything old like all of the upper cabinets, the carpet and old outdated lighting. We removed all of the window treatments as well, they had about a pound of dust inside of them. I knew I wanted everything to be painted white, to give it that bright feeling. After deciding on a fun designer black and white tile backsplash, I had my muse for the rest of the trailer. Updating cabinet faces to a shaker style and adding designer lighting really made it a notch above.

Ashley Petrone Arrows and Bow Photo 4
I did a bit of research online before I designed it, and everything I read said to make it feel like a home. And that’s exactly what I did. When living in an RV, you don’t want to feel like you’re camping for a year. I wanted it to feel comfortable, clutter free, and of course cozy. I picked out unique and perfectly functional pieces up at IKEA, Amazon, Target, Homegoods and of course garage sales. I also brought pieces from our home to keep that homey feel.

Ashley Petrone Arrows and Bow Photo 6
Living in the RV these last 9 months has been an incredible life lesson for our family. We’ve learned to appreciate all of life’s little things we usually take for granted. While our goal was to build a house, we quickly realized that this journey was more about growing and finding joy in the between.

Ashley Petrone